Earn Income For Retirement!

And Take Back Control Of Your Future

Whether the day you've been looking forward to for years has arrived, or you’re just starting to plan for it, the need to earn extra income for retirement is very real.

One of the best ways to supplement retirement income is by starting and growing an online business. Start well before retirement, working part time around your job and other commitments. By the time you retire, you’ll have a business that is thriving and earning. You might even be able to retire early!

If you're already retired and are looking for ways to supplement the income you're living on, same thing. Start an online business and grow it at a pace you choose. No need for your business to take over all your newly acquired time. Simply integrate it into the retirement lifestyle you envisioned.

But what if you just aren't sure where to start? Or maybe you don't even know what "online business" really means. Let's begin there.

An online business is a website that enables you to make money in various ways. From home or anywhere.

Why use the term "business"? Because it reinforces the mindset that will help you succeed. You aren't just "putting up a website." Instead, you will build a real business that has a purpose that earns extra income to use in retirement.

Why Building an Online Business is
The Best Thing You Can Do in Retirement

The BIG benefits of building a "retirement" business online...

  • You can easily start a business as a "side hustle" (as the younger generations call it), while you're still working. Having a fun, rewarding project on the side helps ease the transition from working to retirement lifestyle.
  • You don't need start-up capital. All you need is a computer, Internet access, a roadmap and an affordable platform to build your business on.
  • You're in control. Work as much or as little as you want, when and where you choose.
  • You'll earn money even if you don't work on your business each day. Of course, that only happens after you've built a solid base and implemented ways of earning money passively, for example with ads or by selling products.
  • You can take your business with you. That's a biggie, if traveling is part of your retirement dream. As long as there's internet, you can be supplementing your retirement fund.
  • You'll be able to help people worldwide, not only in your community. Just think about how much you've learned, either in your profession or by pursuing a hobby. There are people out there who'd love to tap into that amazing knowledge of yours.
  • You'll meet new people and make new friends. Losing contact with friends and colleagues when you retire can be a real concern. This way, you'll make lots of new friends, all over the world.
  • You'll learn something new each day, which keeps your mind active and you feeling energized.

"I feel more confident in so many ways. I know I can generate income, which will help me reach my goal of retiring from "regular" work next year."

Judy Christensen, clothingpatterns101.com

If you've been nodding along while reading this -- if any of the reasons resonated with you, we'd love to show you how Solo Build It! (SBI! for short) can help you build your retirement business. And you can do it even if you're a complete beginner in the online world.

What if You Have No Experience Building a Website, Let Alone an Online Business?

You probably use your computer, phone or tablet to keep up with the news, shop online and browse websites, right? But maybe the idea of taking it a step further and building a website or blog seems out of your reach?

If terms like hosting, domain name registration, plugins and HTML make your head spin -- if you don't have the first idea about what they mean, you're not alone. Solo Build It either does many of these things for you behind the scenes or teaches you step-by-step how to do them yourself.

Many Solo Build It! members started with zero knowledge about building a website, let alone an online business.

But little by little, helped by our processes and our people, their knowledge and confidence grew.

Some even went as far as becoming sought-after business-building experts themselves!

Here's what SBI! member Janice has to say:

"When I started with SBI! about three years ago, I knew nothing about the internet. I barely knew how to do a search that would bring back the results I wanted. Calling myself a novice was rather flattering, I didn't even consider myself worthy of that term." – Janice Jones, www.smalldogplace.com

Whatever your starting point, we at Solo Build It! will take you by the hand and guide you through the whole website and business-building journey.

You don't have to worry about technical stuff like hosting, domain name registration, website security, plugins or additional tools.

We take care of this for you. It's all included in one user friendly, affordable package. Everything?...

"Everything's included! I don't know of any other business on the planet where you can begin with a monthly overhead of only THIRTY BUCKS."

– Susan Gast, www.easy-food-dehydrating.com

Solo Build It! Includes Everything You Need to Build a Business...


Step-by-step video, written and mobile versions of the Action Guide help you every step of the way, leading you through the most effective online business-building process available anywhere.


All the tools you need to grow your increasingly profitable online business. From niche research to sitebuilding to monetization planning, SBI! has you covered.

Always Up to Date

SBI! keeps you up-to-date so you don't have to waste low-yield time doing it.

Whether it's major new developments or the rare golden nugget from hundreds of e-business sources that we track, we have your back. Software updates and additions are free and automatic.

Help and Support

24x7 SiteSell Support is always at your fingertips (chat, too!).

And get business-building assistance at the "help and be helped" Solo Build It! Forums, a community of like-minded solopreneurs who care. A nice forum bonus — no affiliate tries to sell you anything!

No need for a designer, SBI! includes free templates to make your business beautiful. All site designs (and all items within them) can be customized easily using simple, familiar tools.

No plugins or templates to buy. No other "levels" of service.
Everything is included in Solo Build It!.
No other purchase is necessary.

Click Here To Order and Start Today, Risk-Free

Here's How You'll Know Which Steps to Take, From Finding Your Perfect Business Niche to Making Money

What if you had a mentor to help you navigate the online business world? Or how about a clear roadmap that shows you where to go, and how to get there?

Meet the Solo Build It! Action Guide.

The Action Guide pulls all the important business-building information into one place. It helps you lay a solid foundation for your business. It integrates the use of SBI!'s built-in tools, enabling you to move forward efficiently.

In other words, the Action Guide briefs you on your next step and why you do it. Then it takes you through the process. Continue like that, step by step. Learn, then do. Repeat as you work your way through the guide.

You'll be surprised how much your skills and business will grow, day by day. Just like SBI! member Michael Bates says:

The 10 DAY Action Guide totally rocks. This helped me hugely. The step by step process just can't be beat, and helped grow my confidence that I could really build a site and a business. It's just so user friendly! A key point here is that doing things correctly, right from the start, makes a big difference. Michael Bates, www.dyslexia-reading-well.com

Structured into ten DAYs, you can read, watch or listen to the lessons. Want a sneak peek? Sure!

See what some of our SBI! family say about the Action Guide.

Lesley Postle from griefandsympathy.com and her mom Elizabeth created two profitable online businesses together. The income adds a welcome boost to their retirement finances.

What's their top tip for online business success? Follow the Action Guide! Hear it directly from Lesley in this 1 minute video.

So you have the tools and you have the step-by-step training. You're well on the way to your new, exciting life in retirement!

Is there anything else wrapped up in the Solo Build It! package?

Yep - we're not done yet! Because some would say this next item alone is worth the entire price of SBI!.

What is it? Read on to find out!

What If You Start to Feel Isolated or Need Motivation to Keep Going With Your Retirement Business?

Starting and growing a business, whether offline or online, is no small feat. Most of the time, it's exciting, fun and rewarding.

Who would you share that feeling of elation with when you succeed? Your Spouse? Partner? Children? Grandchildren? Former Colleagues?

They're all there to support you and encourage you. Your grandchildren may even be impressed by their cool grandparent who has a website

But however much your family and friends may love you, they won't necessarily understand the ins and outs of what you're doing.

And what about the times when you're not sure yourself?

Learning a new skill can be daunting. We all have moments of self doubt. Times when we just don't get it, no matter how hard we try.

For those moments, we offer you...

The Solo Build It! forums!

"The forums are indispensable. It's a safe place to discuss issues you may be having with your site, ask for help, and give your input on someone else's questions. It really does feel like a family that truly understands what you are doing.

And that shouldn't be taken lightly because none of my offline family or friends really understands what I do on a daily basis. I have never felt alone in my online ventures." – Tracy Scorzafava, www.womansdivorce.com

Thousands of friendly, knowledgeable SBI! members in our forums are always on hand to help. Whatever your problem, whether you want to celebrate a success or ask a question about something you’re stuck on, they'll be there for you.

And one day, you'll be able to do what they do - pass on your knowledge and skills to others.

We take the view that everyone in our forums has something to offer.

You'll also see Ken Evoy, founder and creator of Solo Build It! In the forums along with many of our staff. Each takes time to contribute their knowledge and skills, answer questions, give advice and share their experiences. Most staff have used Solo Build It! to build their own businesses, too. So they know what they're talking about.

In short, the "help and be helped" spirit in the SBI! forum community is second to none.

And then there's our support team, standing by 24x7, with individual, personal one-to-one help. The same support person stays with you from start to finish -- no frustrating start-over with different people.

"Any time I have any technical problem, and I have to contact the technical support team, they are just wonderful folks and always give me the help I need to sort out the issue in a very timely manner. As a complete computer dummy, SiteSell Support is very much a hidden SBI! gem in my books!" - John Salt, www.rchelicopterfun.com

So, with Solo Build it!, you are never alone. Between the SBI! forums and SiteSell support, you'll find help and motivation whenever you need it.

Chances are you'll even make lifelong friends!

"I really value the friends and contacts I have made through SBI!. I go to our London meet ups as often as I can and it is great to spend a day with like-minded people, all in different stages of developing our sites. We come away enthusiastic to try new ideas, suggestions for books to read etc., and this camaraderie again reinforces the knowledge that we are not alone." – Nick Winter, www.understanding-cement.com

Now you know what exactly you get with Solo Build It!. You'll get all the tools, training, support and community to build your retirement business, in one neat package.

But there's one question we haven't answered yet...
Will Solo Build It! work for you?

Turn the question around and ask yourself, "why wouldn't SBI! work for me?" It works for dozens of other people just like you. Pre-retirees and retirees who wanted to supplement their income by sharing their passion. Who didn't know if they had the ability to do it -- until they did.

What do they bring that makes them successful? Motivation to learn something new. Willingness to work hard. Passion for their subject.

Do you have those things? If you do, there's no reason why you shouldn't share in their success.

Still not sure? How about if we make it a little easier? Why not try before you buy? Here are two special offers, just for you.

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Get a free, no-strings-attached consultation. Our Advisors know SBI! inside out. They use it to build their own online businesses. If you're unsure if SBI! is right for you, it helps to talk to a "real" person who has once been where you are now. Give them a call at 1-888-987-2669 or contact them via email.

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Test-drive Solo Build It! for 90 days. That's plenty of time to find out if SBI! is the right platform for building your retirement business. If -- for whatever reason -- it isn't, you'll get a full refund. No questions asked. Our company has been around since 1997. We wouldn't be here today if we didn't honor our word.

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